August 2017 - David Benedict

David Benedict

David Benedict has volunteered with the American Red Cross of Western Maryland for over 3 years and has become a volunteer you can depend on to do whatever needs to be done. In just the last 12 months, David has logged over 850 total hours, with nearly 300 of those being on various Disaster Response Operations including Hurricane Matthew.

In addition to responding as a Disaster Action Team Responder for Carroll County, he is the go-to volunteer to fulfill appointments to install smoke alarms in Carroll County, making numerous families safer in the event of a home fire. David was also instrumental with moving supplies from the Walkersville building to their new homes around the chapter in May & June. David has deployed to both Regional and National Disasters, including Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the recent Kent Island Tornado in summer 2017. David is a perfect example of a volunteer fulfilling the Red Cross Mission in and outside of his local community. Thank you, David, for all you do!