December 2017 - Melissa Wyatt

Melissa Wyatt

Melissa Wyatt joined the Western Maryland Chapter in October of 2016, and since that time, she has proven to be a true powerhouse volunteer, dedicating nearly 500 worked hours and over 2,000 on-call hours to the organization and the clients it serves! Melissa works as the Chapter’s “Disaster Health Services Lead,” meaning she oversees training, mentoring, and implementation of the health services program, which tends to the physical needs of our clients that stay in Red Cross shelters during times of disaster. She is almost always on-call (as evidenced by the hours mentioned above) to help answer medical questions when our disaster team has medical concerns. She is available to help whenever asked, provides accurate information, and deeply cares about the clients we serve.

We are grateful to have such a dedicated volunteer serve our chapter and region. Thank you, Melissa, for all your hard work and support of Red Cross!