February 2015 - Loretta Mulcahey

MD - Chesapeake - Volunteer of the Month - February 2015

Loretta Mulcahey has served as a Red Cross volunteer in various states, countries, and roles over the past 39 years, staying active with many different chapters despite multiple moves as a military spouse. She has held roles with Blood Services, within Services to the Armed Forces, and provided Administrative support, most recently assisting with special projects for the Washington County office in Hagerstown. One of Loretta’s specialties is showing up during a busy time and taking on whatever task needs to be completed.

One such instance was assisting with Washington County’s large fundraiser, Caring Hands Gift Wrap, at the local mall. This event has taken place annually over the past 23 years, running from Black Friday through Christmas Eve. Caring Hands Gift Wrap typically raises close to $20,000 annually to support Red Cross services in Western Maryland. This year, Loretta volunteered to count the daily donations nearly each and every night, serving more than 50 hours in December alone. Loretta’s dedication and experience, have been crucial to the success of this event. Thank you Loretta for your support of this valuable fundraiser and the Red Cross!