February 2018 - Joan Gleckel

Joan Gleckel

Joan Gleckel, RN is an outstanding and relatively new volunteer with the Delmarva Chapter, beginning her Red Cross journey roughly nine months ago. From the moment her application was completed, Joan was asking “How can I help?” and even offered to take the Lead position for Disaster Mental Health (DMH) within minutes of initiating the first conversation with the organization. Joan settled easily into that position and as Chapter Coordinator, has engaged and established regular meetings of the Delmarva DMH Team, has motivated and informed Disaster Responder volunteers on topics related to mental health, fostered inclusive communications across all aspects of disaster, and has worked hard to inspire others to become more active in their respective roles.

She regularly participates in Recovery Casework meetings, as well as on the Recruitment Team, in which she finds volunteers in the local community to fill needed positions in the organization, thus building capacity.

She even took the time to organize and encourage the DMH team to attend the annual volunteer recognition event. Nine of eleven attended the event and the group convened after the event in person for the first time. Joan is an extraordinary leader and we are fortunate that she has chosen to bring her time and talents to us at the Red Cross. Thank you, Joan, for all you do!