March 2016 - Tom Jones

MD - Chesapeake - Volunteer of the Month - March 2016 - Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a dedicated and hard-working member of the Volunteer Services Team for both the Central Maryland Chapter and Western Maryland Chapter. Since 2014, Tom has dedicated roughly 20 hours per week to help find the perfect volunteer position for any person interested in getting involved with the Red Cross.

Tom works with upwards of 100 interested parties at a given time, all while taking into consideration each individual’s specific interests, availability, age, and specific skillsets in order to find them the perfect position. Finding a solid and fulfilling match for the organization and the volunteer is what Tom loves most. His placements have allowed volunteers to thrive, and it’s this strong foundation of purpose from a job they love that helps volunteers carry out the Red Cross mission.

Tom has also been an integral part in training others in how to handle “onboarding” volunteers. He has trained new “onboarding” managers, as well as created a standard training document to serve as reference. Because of this, Tom is considered to be a Volunteer Leader within the Volunteer Services Department.

In addition to his Volunteer Services duties, Tom has worked in the Health and Safety department over the last year, assisting in maintenance of important accounts to make sure that the community has life-saving CPR classes available. Tom is always willing to take on extra duties as assigned, and is a true pleasure to work with. Dependable, thorough, kind, patient, effective, while always seeking to improve the process are what has set Tom apart as the Volunteer of the Month.