May 2016 - Patsy Brown-Bey

Greater Chesapeake Volunteer of the Month

Patsy Brown-Bey started with the American Red Cross as a Security Guard with Biomedical Services in 2002 before joining Humanitarian Services in 2007. She is a caring, diligent security guard, who is also a reliable and dependent volunteer. Patsy typically volunteers about 20 hours a month, often helping out in a pinch, consistently filling in for any “Receptionist Volunteer” who cannot make their shift. In particular, she volunteered for more than two weeks during a transition of Front Desk volunteers in April. Essentially pulling double duty, Pasty handled all front desk activities from 8:00 a.m. to noon, and then returned again at 4:00 to work her shift as evening guard until 10:00 p.m. One of her common refrains is, “I’ve gottcha covered – I’ve gottcha covered.” She comes in most days at least an hour before her shift at 4:00 and is willing to come in during the afternoon (noon to 4:00 pm) if a volunteer can’t make it. She d elivers packages that arrive at the front desk to the staff and takes care of everything and everyone, including our feral cat colony! We are lucky to have Patsy as an American Red Cross volunteer, and thank her deeply for her service.