October 2017 - Judy Peterson

Judy Peterson

Judy Peterson has been a valued member of the American Red Cross for more than eighteen years and served in numerous capacities including service as a member of the Board of Directors. With more than 600 hours of service in 2017, Judy is currently the “Onboarding and Placement Lead” for the region, ensuring that all new volunteers interested in Disaster Cycle Services are properly trained for their positions. At any given time, Judy is working with 50-60 new volunteers throughout the Greater Chesapeake Region, building capacity for our region to respond to daily disasters such as home fires, and larger scale disasters such as floods or hurricanes.

During the historic hurricane season of 2017, Judy helped to process several hundred people for potential deployments. She worked seven days a week for months and was always available for questions and concerns. It was because of Judy’s leadership and dedication that the Greater Chesapeake Region could deploy the highest number of volunteers in our Mid-Atlantic Division. Judy is a true asset to our region and works tirelessly in support of both the Workforce Engagement team and the Volunteer Services department. Thank you, Judy, for all that you do!