September 2015 - Lenore Koors

Greater Chesapeake - Volunteer of the Month

Lenore Koors is more than a Red Cross volunteer and enthusiast. She is a true advocate for the organization in every sense of the word: supporter, backer, promoter, believer, activist and sponsor.

Lenore’s passion for the Red Cross is known by her friends, family, colleagues and even those she just meets. She served as a staff member for a number of years and, even when she accepted a position at another non-profit organization, she continued to volunteer for the Red Cross. She is currently a member of the Communications Committee and Disaster Action Team, a Board Member as well as a volunteer recruiter, also providing in-kind donations through her Signs by Tomorrow franchise.

Her support and leadership has helped the organization grow throughout the years. She continuously drives the organization forward in connecting supporters and donors with the staff and is ready and willing to help whenever a call is put out. Thank you Lenore for all that you do!