September 2017 - Sam Combs

Sam Combs

Sam Combs joined the Southern Maryland Chapter in December of 2016 as a transfer from the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region. Sam works tirelessly for the chapter throughout all four counties and on behalf of the Red Cross, he has deployed to assist with disaster operations across the U.S. This year alone, he has deployed 5 times with his most recent being to Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Sam was instrumental in opening the St. Mary’s County Red Cross office, which included garnering all the needed equipment through donations. Sam serves locally not only as a disaster responder, in which he assists clients who are affected by home fires and other disasters, but also as a Team Leader of volunteer dispatchers who receive the call for help from the fire departments and assemble the responder volunteers mentioned above. Sam is a true leader!

In addition, Sam serves as a CPR/First Aid trainer and provides trainings out of the St. Mary’s office. He is also what is known as a Community Volunteer Leader for Southern Maryland, which is a role that functions much like that of an Executive Director. Sam is involved with many aspects of Red Cross and is a vital member of the Southern Maryland and Greater Chesapeake team. Since his time with Southern Maryland, he has logged over 6,500 hours!! Thank you, Sam, for all your hard work and support of Red Cross!