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Giving Your Way

You can help your local Red Cross meet the emergency and humanitarian needs of the people in your area by making a financial donation today to support disaster relief, disaster preparedness, first aid and CPR training, or disease prevention. The American Red Cross of the Greater Chesapeake Region is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations. Our Privacy Policy.

Donate by Phone: 410-624-2030

Donate by Check: The American Red Cross, 4800 Mt. Hope Drive, Baltimore MD 21215


GreenDrop Charitable Donations

GreenDrop collects items on behalf of the American Red Cross to support our mission and service delivery. How it works: 1. Pack your donations. 2. Schedule a pickup or drop off. 3.Collect your IRS tax receipt. GreenDrop is the fast, easy, and convenient way to donate.

Invest In the Welfare of Your Community
Your corporation’s involvement in the American Red Cross is a meaningful way to invest in your community. Certainly, you can increase sales and corporate image through community relationships, but businesses that give to the Red Cross directly support lifesaving services utilized by their employees and customers. Strengthen your brand image while making your company, and your community, safer. Engage today with the Red Cross.