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Massachusetts Red Cross Training and Certification Classes

Training & Certification Classes

American Red Cross Health & Safety Services is the leading nationwide provider of education and training programs that help people every day to prevent, prepare for and respond to occupational, community and family health and safety emergencies. Our mission is to educate people and save lives.

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Disaster Services

The American Red Cross of Massachusetts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist individuals and families displaced by natural and man-made disasters.

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Youth Programs

Youth Programs provides young people with meaningful opportunities to help their communities prepare for and respond to emergencies, to acquire valuable skills and leadership training and to become a lasting part of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts. We engage youth in understanding the importance of social justice, encourage them to uphold the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and inspire them to a commitment to service in Red Cross communities across eastern Massachusetts. We also have the Youth Advisory Board.

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Food & Nutrition Programs

The American Red Cross works within the food network, with food distributors and community-based agencies, to coordinate services and develop local solutions to the problem of hunger. Over 125,000 individuals benefit from our program during the year. Our clients include senior citizens, immigrants, single parents, families in transition, homeless individuals, and those living with HIV.

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Service to the Armed Forces

Red Cross of Massachusetts provides care and support to members of Massachusetts’ military, veterans and their families through traditional and innovative programs aimed at preventing, preparing for and responding to the unique challenges that arise as a result of the deployment cycle and beyond.

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International Services

In Massachusetts, the Red Cross provides humanitarian services to our refugee and immigrant communities by reconnecting loved ones separated by conflict, natural disaster or other humanitarian situations and by ensuring broad dissemination of humanitarian principles.