Youth Services

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Youth Programs provides young people with meaningful opportunities to help their communities prepare for and respond to emergencies, to acquire valuable skills and leadership training and to become a lasting part of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts. We engage youth in understanding the importance of social justice, encourage them to uphold the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and inspire them to a commitment to service in Red Cross communities across Massachusetts.
"I gained a deeper understanding of the mission of the American Red Cross and now I am extremely active in community service. I recognize the importance of giving back and assisting others. I appreciate everything the Red Cross does to provide for those in need, and I am proud to serve under an amazing organization.” - Kevin Liang, Boston Latin School student

The American Red Cross of Massachusetts aims to create and maintain an environment where youth feel empowered to lead and mobilize peers in community service projects addressing local and global issues, provide structure for youth to develop tangible leadership skills and engage youth in community service while they grow intellectually and embrace humanitarian values.

We achieve these through:

  • Red Cross High School Clubs
  • Red Cross College Clubs & Intercollegiate Council
  • Youth Education Programming

Youth are the present and future. Youth Programs help to build the skills needed to be strong leaders in college and in their communities. We do this through presentations, workshops and forums, where youth learn about communication styles, time management and diversity awareness among other issues. We have lots of opportunities throughout the year to get involved in many rewarding experiences.

For information, please email Youth Programs Manager Shawna Dias at or call 617-799-3334.