CPR, First Aid and AED Training

American Red Cross training in First Aid, CPR and AED empowers you with the expertise to respond calmly and effectively when emergencies strike. Get trained and certified in life-saving first aid and CPR techniques today.

The Science Behind Our Programs

The Red Cross leverages the latest science to equip you with the skills that could save a person’s life. Learn how to recognize and care for a variety of first aid situations, and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies until more advanced medical personnel take over.

Whether you’re located in Minneapolis, Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, Rochester or surrounding communities, you can sign-up for a variety of lifesaving classes.

Certification for Workplaces and Organizations

The Red Cross is the nation’s most trusted provider for health and safety training. Our training classes meet all OSHA guidelines as well as many other professional and regulatory standards.

Certification Made Simple

The Red Cross digital certificate is a first of its kind, online certificate that gives you anytime, anywhere access to your certification and training history. With Red Cross Digital Certificates you can print, share, and download wherever and whenever you like.