Volunteer Opportunities

  • Become a Red Cross volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever your age, your level of education, your skills and talents, the American Red Cross welcomes you as a volunteer. We aim to do our best to make your volunteer experience valuable and meaningful.

There are many possible volunteer assignments available at your local Red Cross. We depend on our volunteers to take on specific jobs and make them their own. We need committed people available on a regular basis for leadership positions. We will also from time to time need people for short-term projects.

Then be sure to fill out the volunteer application and come be a part of the Red Cross family.

Calling All Seniors

We need you. Become a national disaster team volunteer.

Travel to exotic and not-so-exotic places. Meet people whose lives have been struck by disaster — and help them.

A hurricane hits or a tornado touches down and suddenly a community that was thriving hours before is devastated. The efforts of local disaster volunteers often are quickly dwarfed in comparison to the destruction and number of people affected. It happens all the time and when it does the Red Cross moves into action sending highly trained and experienced Red Cross disaster volunteers into affected areas quickly and efficiently. It can be five blocks or 5,000 miles from your home.

Have we piqued your interest?

To become a member of this volunteer program you must be recommended by your local Red Cross Chapter. In addition, you must regularly participate in an extensive disaster-training program and continue to serve as a member of your local Red Cross Chapter disaster program.

What else does it take?
  • Flexibility to serve on disaster operations anywhere in the United States or its territories — with little or no advanced warning — for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Willingness to live under adverse conditions and work long hours each day for extended periods.
  • Good health, including the stamina, endurance and physical capability to protect the health and safety of disaster victims and other disaster relief workers.
  • A sense of professional spirit and adventure.
  • Disaster Training