Deployed Staff and Volunteers Hero

Heroes are often ordinary people like you and me who demonstrate extraordinary courage when the moment comes to make a difference and perhaps save someone’s life. People who regularly perform heroic acts may not define their actions as heroic. To us, Red Cross Heroes are people who give of themselves to help us fulfill our life-saving mission. They volunteer their time. They donate blood. They make financial donations. They deploy to provide assistance in areas of our country that face tragedy, such is the case of any disaster. Most recently, we’ve experienced the disasters of the Louisiana Floods and Hurricane Matthew. The current east coast disaster resulted in the deployment of 18 staff and volunteers and 2 Emergency Response Vehicles.

These amazing individuals took time away from their work, homes and families to make a difference in the lives of many. It is this type of commitment and passion that offers hope and support to those who have a place to go when there is no place to go. Within the last year, these folks have deployed 2 or more times to provide assistance with disasters. Thank you, Red Cross Family Members, who have been or currently are deployed in the face of tragedy!