Disaster Partner Program

Disaster Partners are passionate supporters of the communities where their employees, customers, and colleagues live and work. Their annual contributions are used to pay for immediate assistance for individuals and families impacted by disaster as well as the support that is required to effectively deliver those services. This assistance may include shelter, food, clothing, medical supplies and counseling. It will also be used to help support Red Cross educational initiatives like safety classes for adults and children.

Red Cross disaster responder handing a bottle of water to a little boy

Annual Disaster Giving Program

The distinguished corporate members of the Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) enable the Red Cross to respond immediately to the needs of individuals and families impacted by disaster anywhere in the United States, regardless of cost. They do so by helping to build a reliable funding base for disaster relief services.

Disaster Services

Disaster Responders Members

The American Red Cross relies on generous support from partners so that we can prepare for the unexpected and respond immediately when an event occurs.

Disaster Partner Program Special Thanks
*We would like to extend a very special thanks to Sprint, our local ADGP member and local Disaster Responder Member, H&R Block. Thank you for your generous commitment to the American Red Cross in Kansas City and nationwide.
Kansas City Disaster Partner Supporters