Youth Services

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Youth Services

American Red Cross of Northern Nevada youth programs provide youth and young adults with opportunities to learn and serve. Our goal is to provide youth with meaningful opportunities for training, leadership, and community service.

We empower youth to respond to the community's needs locally, nationally, and internationally through numerous leadership, education, and community service opportunities.

Red Cross Clubs

Red Cross Clubs are officially recognized clubs on school campuses led by middle, high school and college students who wish to serve their community as volunteers of the American Red Cross. Clubs participate in activities such as service projects and leadership training by planning events at their own schools and participating in Chapter sponsored projects

Students in Red Cross Clubs also organize fundraisers for a variety of Red Cross initiatives including international disasters and the Chapter’s youth program. Clubs also help the American Red Cross by building awareness, promoting Red Cross programs, and much more!

Take action now and join your school’s Red Cross Club or start one if your school doesn’t have one yet! All of our clubs were started by youth just like you!

The first step to get the club rolling is to obtain permission from your school, and then take a look at our toolkit, which will outline everything you need to know about starting your own club. Once you have a core group of interested students, the support from your Red Cross chapter and a teacher or guidance counselor willing to serve as club sponsor, you’re set to go!

Contact your local office to learn how you can start a club in your area.