Boots to Business

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Boots to Business

The American Red Cross and MGM Resorts International created a program to assist transitioning Military Personnel, Reserves, and Veterans find meaningful employment.

The Boots to Business Program supports Veterans through a number of pre-employment services, these include:

• One-on-One career advice

• Resume creation & review

• Interview skills & preparation

• Building networks

• Introducing Veterans to advisors & mentors

• Connecting Veterans with hiring managers

The American Red Cross believes vehemently that Veterans have a phenomenal range of skills that can be applied to civilian jobs. Not only are they highly trained leaders, but they adapt quickly to change, excel at problem solving and rally teams to deliver results. Through the Boots to Business program we help Veterans realize their potential and work with corporate partners to advocate for the power that Veterans bring to the work force.

For more information, contact the American Red Cross Veteran Hiring Manager, Sam Staincliffe at (702) 369-3038 or