Red Cross Youth Clubs

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Red Cross Youth Clubs in Southern Nevada

Opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills can sometimes be hard to find. But Red Cross Clubs are a perfect example of youth taking action in their community, learning valuable leadership skills that will propel them into their future careers and work. In Southern Nevada, a growing number of students are starting Red Cross Clubs as a way to work together to make a difference in their community.

The Red Cross Clubs are recognized, student led school clubs for students ranging in age from middle school to college. Red Cross Clubs participate in Chapter sponsored projects and events ranging from Red Cross Blood Drives to Community Disaster Education. Clubs help with fundraising and spreading awareness of the American Red Cross mission of alleviating suffering.

How do you get started? Glad you asked!

  • Talk to your school about starting a “group.”
  • Have a look at our Red Cross toolkit.
  • Build interest among your student body and talk to the local Red Cross Chapter on how to get involved
Easy, right?

You can be part of a growing group of students who are working in their communities around the country. If you’d like more information on how a Red Cross Club would work in your school, please call 702-697-1705.

Current Southern Nevada Red Cross Clubs:

  • Canyon Springs High School
  • Clark High School
  • Coronado High School
  • East Career & Technical Academy
  • Elise Wolff Elementary
  • Foothills High School
  • Jim Bridger Middle School
  • Las Vegas Academy
  • Rancho High School
  • Robert Taylor Elementary
  • Shadow Ridge High School
  • Valley High School
  • Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy
Red Cross Youth Volunteers

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Measles Initiative

The Red Cross of Southern Nevada’s Red Cross Clubs have joined an international initiative to reduce global measles mortality by 95% by the year 2015. Making a difference on the local level by talking to your friends and raising money, you can help the International Measles & Rubella Initiative to achieve this goal.