Rural Rides Transportation Program

  • Elderly lady holding her pet cat
To assist Gary, our Transportation Coordinator, in scheduling volunteer drivers -- please call at least one day in advance for Local and Rural Rides, and at least one week in advance for Long Distance Rides.

Note: medical rides always take precedence over grocery shopping, hair appointments, library visits etc Call 1-800-244-2214 x120

  • denotes “regularly scheduled” volunteer drivers are available during daytime hours
  • denotes “on-call” volunteer drivers may be available
All of the drivers at the American Red Cross NH West Chapter are volunteers, and they do their best to be available on the days & times listed above. To assist our Transportation Scheduler, please call 24-48 hours in advance for Local and Rural Rides, and 1 week in advance for Long Distance Rides.

Please be prepared to give the following information to the Transportation Scheduler; your name, phone number, street address, Medicaid/Medicare number (if applicable…ask for details), appointment date, the day of the week your appointment falls on, arrival time at your appointment, the length of the appointment, and your doctor’s name.

All transportation requests are welcome. All those transported must be able to self-assist themselves into/out of vehicle.

Rides are always provided as a free service and donations are appreciated.

Questions? Please call Gary at 1-800-244-2214 ext 120.