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At the American Red Cross in New Jersey, volunteers are invaluable to the daily operation, and they’re truly the heart and soul of the organization. To become a volunteer, follow these 3 simple steps:


Create Your Volunteer Profile

Get started by filling out an online application:

Adult Volunteer Application

Youth Volunteer Application


Take Red Cross Orientation

Take an in-depth look at American Red Cross history, mission, vision and values in this self-guided module. You’ll also learn about our key service areas and organizational structure.

Viewing Time: 45 minutes

Take the Orientation


Get Volunteer Training

Depending on which volunteer path you choose, you may need to complete additional training, all of which is free. Volunteer Services will work with you to refer you to the activity and the location of your choice, and we’ll inform you of other courses that you’ll require to get started.

Volunteer FAQs