Help Us Spread the Word!

  • Help Us Spread the Word!

Share Your Hero Story

On October 23, we will be hosting our annual Red Tie Affair, Honoring our Heroes Gala—a celebration of “every day” heroes from across our region and across the country. Throughout the evening we will pay tribute to individuals both within and outside of the Red Cross who embody the spirit of our core mission—to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

And we want YOUR help.

Do you know of someone who embodies these universal principles? Someone who has gone above and beyond to help someone in need? We want to know who YOUR heroes are.

Using the hashtag #RedTieHeroes, share the stories of YOUR heroes on Twitter or Instagram.

Use videos, photos, selfies, to share your hero stories.

We will be sharing a selection of these submitted stories throughout the month via our social media outlets as well as during our gala. Additionally, on the day of the event, October 23, we are initiating a "Red Tie Day" to show support for all everyday heroes and we encourage you to join us. Throughout the day, wear something red—red tie, red jacket, red shoes - and take a selfie or group photo.

Who is your hero? Tell us using #RedTieHeroes

Take a Selfie & Show Off Your Hero

1. Ask 3 friends and/or family members on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram: “Who is your unsung/deserving hero? Share their story at #RedTieHeroes to join Oct 23 celebration of everyday heroes.”

2. Share your hero on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram with #RedTieHeroes and ask that person or persons to do the same – you can also include an image of your hero and/or a video of you describing your hero.

Example Posts
o Example 1: Mark Edelman is my hero for believing in me and giving me a chance. @markedelman who is your unsung hero? #RedTieHeroes
o Example 2: I want to recognize @salvationarmyny for supporting those impacted by the #EastHarlemExplosion. #RedTieHeroes

Throw a Red Tie Day!

Have your company, individual employees, class, school club or group wear something red - red tie, red jacket, red heels - on October 23, 2014 and take a group photo. Share your pictures on your company and personal social media networks using the #RedTieHeroes hashtag so we can see and share them, too!
red tie day

Promote the event on your website & in your email!

Website Banners

Use these web banners on your company website & link them to:

Or, you can cut and paste this code into your website HTML:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Red Cross heroes; #redtieheroes>" /></a>

hero, jermaine shirley

Email Signature
Put your email to work to promote the American Red Cross Ball. Use the below image at the bottom of your Outlook email and link it to:
email signature

Display Our Social Media Badges with Pride

Have you given blood? Donated to the Red Cross? Volunteered with us? Share one or more of these badges on your social media using #RedTieHeroes to show your network how you're a hero. You can find more here.
red cross event
Download a larger size here.
ny ball 2014
Download a larger size here.
Badge Volunteer
Download a larger size here.
Badge Blood Donor
Download a larger size here.
Whos Your Hero
Download a larger size here.

Sample Tweets

  • My hero is [your hero's name] because [what makes him/her great!]. #RedTieHeroes
  • [your hero's name] is my hero because [what makes him/her great!]. #RedTieHeroes
  • Thank you @RedCrossNY for supporting our community! My hero is [insert your hero's name]. #RedTieHeroes.
  • I am an American Red Cross Hero because XXX
  • This summer @RedCross invites you to make a difference by making a $10 donation!
  • Tell us who your hero is using #RedTieHeroes. Share a picture or video of the hero in your life.
  • #RedTieHeroes make a difference by donating blood this summer with @RedCross
  • #RedTieHeroes make a difference by supporting @RedCross this summer