Corporate Partnerships

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Your corporation, whatever its business, can establish a mutually beneficial partnership with the American Red Cross Greater New York Region. The opportunity to partner with the Greater New York Red Cross enables your corporation to be a socially responsible company as it helps the Red Cross fulfill its lifesaving mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Additionally, you will be enhancing the leadership skills, confidence, safety and emergency preparedness of your employees.

Partnership Opportunities with the Greater New York Red Cross Include:

Philanthropy: Enable the region to continue to fulfill its mission of helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies by providing:
  • Financial contributions through corporate and/or workplace giving programs
  • In-kind contributions (e.g., donated mission-oriented products, supplies)

Volunteerism: Join our Ready When the Time Comes program, and the Greater New York Red Cross will train your employees to be disaster reserve volunteers who will be called upon to assist with an emergency relief operation during local, large-scale disasters. Additionally, your organization’s employees can participate in customized corporate “volunteer days” that help the Red Cross complete key disaster response or preparedness projects. Learn more.

Preparedness Training: The Greater New York Red Cross offers corporate preparedness training programs designed to minimize financial losses and reduce the risk of injury and harm to employees and/or company visitors should disaster strike. Additionally, tools and resources are available that focus on being prepared in the home; thus, minimizing the risk of harm and injury outside the workplace and enabling employees to return to work faster should they be affected by an in-home emergency or disaster.

Blood Services: Blood transfusions help save lives—and a constant supply of fresh blood is always needed. By supporting drives to collect and distribute blood, the American Red Cross in Greater New York serves as the bridge between generous blood donors and thousands of patients who need blood transfusions to survive an illness or accident.

Every few seconds, somewhere in the U.S., someone requires a pint of blood—40,000 pints are used each day. There is no synthetic substitute for whole blood; it must come from a willing donor. Yet statistics show that only 5 percent of possible donors actually roll up their sleeves to give. Give the gift of life by making an appointment to donate blood today. Find a Local Blood Drive

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