Community Preparedness Champion Program

  • Community Preparedness Champion Program

What is it? The Community Preparedness Champion program for the American Red Cross Greater New York Region is an opportunity for local organizations, businesses, civic leaders and the general public to improve their community’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency. Champions want to be role models for their community and see value in partnering with the American Red Cross. The objective is to create better prepared communities by increasing the number of people educated on how to prepare and respond to disasters, training additional volunteers who can assist their communities in times of need; and training people to take action to save lives.

What are the benefits? When you successfully complete the program, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition, acknowledgement of your achievement through press releases, social media and the American Red Cross website. The Red Cross will also post your link on their website (if applicable), and you will receive a letter as well as have a photo taken with the Red Cross CEO (when possible).

However the biggest benefit will be you have led a “call to action” in your community to help improve their level of readiness, response and resiliency.

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