Authorized Providers

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In addition to our regularly scheduled classes in your community and on-site training provided on location by qualified Red Cross Instructors, American Red Cross Health and Safety training may also be delivered through two types of third-party vendors: Authorized Providers and Licensed Training Providers.

An Authorized Provider is a company, organization, individual or agency that has signed an Authorized Provider Agreement with the Red Cross to provide American Red Cross instructional programs in accordance with the standards and objectives of the program they desire to teach.

• By becoming an Authorized Provider, you can build your own training team to teach Health & Safety courses to employees of your business or members of your organization.

Licensed Training Providers are training organizations that offer Red Cross Health and Safety training to the community in an accessible, high-quality and professional manner. A Licensed Training Provider is considered an entrepreneur, who has become certified to teach the community.

Are there any pre-requisites to becoming an American Red Cross Instructor?

Yes. In order to become an Instructor, you must have basic-level certificates in the programs you wish to teach. If you do not have current basic-level certificates, you will need to register for a basic-level course. If you do have current certificates, please bring them to your Instructor course.

Once I become certified as an instructor, can I go out and start teaching?

No. In order to teach, you must first be associated with a current American Red Cross Authorized Provider or Licensed Training Provider. If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Provider or Licensed Training Provider, call 1-800-567-1487.

What are the costs associated with becoming an Instructor?

Whether you become an Authorized Provider or Licensed Training Provider, you will accrue the same costs. These costs include an AP/LTP fee due for each student taught, training equipment such as manikins and AED training devices and program materials.

Training equipment and program materials are available for purchase from the Red Cross Store.