Exercises & Drills

Method & Metrics Program for Corporate Medical-Emergency Response Teams

This multifaceted, customized program allows organizations to assess the configuration and performance of their medical-emergency response teams in a substantive, empirical fashion. Using a combination of drills—both of classroom skills and of unannounced “real world” scenarios—trained Red Cross instructors evaluate and document participants’ emergency responses against Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and best practices. Instructors provide post-drill feedback and coaching. A performance scorecard is furnished to the organization. A longitudinal database is created, maintained and available for client access.

Tabletop Preparedness Exercises

These concise, interactive, multimedia exercises are designed to be used by individual and/or interdependent departments within an organization to profile operational resiliency and facilitate preparedness planning. Choose from existing exercises to test your preparedness and planning for a power outage, explosion, flood and/or pandemic flu outbreak, or allow us to customize a scenario to meet your specific requirements. The exercises complement/supplement all facets of the American Red Cross in Greater New York’s Emergency Response Optimization Program, and with a 60–90 minute exercise duration, are ideally suited to weekly/monthly departmental meetings. These exercises are also available in a self-facilitating administered format.

For more information, please contact 800-RED-CROSS or support@redcrosstraining.org.