Donate Stock & Securities

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Many individuals still enjoy significant gains in their stock and other investment portfolios. The gift of appreciated stocks and securities directly to the American Red Cross is a powerful way to support the Red Cross. There are many benefits to this type of donation, not least of which is helping the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission for the people of New York and across the globe. In addition, there are some important tax benefits associated with this type of gift as well.

Tax benefits you will receive from your gift of appreciated stocks or securities:

•You will earn a federal income tax charitable deduction (within allowable IRS limits) for the full fair market value of the securities at the time of the gift (for securities held for at least one year).

You will avoid paying capital gains tax on the transfer of stock to the American Red Cross, provided you transfer the securities directly to the American Red Cross.

How Can I Make an Outright Gift of Stock?

You can authorize your stockbroker or your bank to complete the transfer process. Please instruct your broker or bank to call 212-875-2617 to speak with someone on our donor services team.

Your personal financial situation is unique. Therefore, you should discuss your estate plans with your family and your financial and legal advisers before making any charitable gift.

For more information, please contact the Office of Development at 212-875-2617.