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We’re Making Onondaga County “3DayOK”

On Jan. 29, 2015, the 3DayOK Partnership of Onondaga County announced its public awareness campaign at a news conference in the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The 3DayOKPartnership is a network of government agencies, local organizations and businesses created to ensure a strong organizational preparedness and response throughout the county in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Through the public awareness campaign, 3DayOK is educating Onondaga County residents to be self-reliant during the first three days of a large-scale emergency.

3DayOK is reaching out to residents and communities by distributing educational materials through its partners, direct contact with homes and neighborhood associations, and group informational sessions. The materials include how you can create a three-day survival kit and develop a plan for your family to remain safe, and how citizens can educate other citizens and emphasize the importance of being prepared.

“This truly is a county-wide, multi-agency cooperation,” said Ann Rooney, Deputy County Executive of Human Services for Onondaga County. “We have government agencies, non-profit groups, and private sector businesses all working together to achieve the goal of better preparing our community in the event of a disaster or emergency. It encompasses groups and organizations from all facets of our community, and represents the diversity of our county.”

“We have developed very creative materials and are scheduling dates to conduct educational programs throughout the county,” said Rosie Taravella, Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross Central & Western New York Region. “Through our extensive network of members, we’ll be able to connect with every demographic in all corners of Onondaga County.”

Community groups, organizations, associations or businesses interested in hosting or conducting a preparedness seminar can email 3DayOK at 3dayok@redcross.org to schedule a date and location. To join the 3DayOK Partnership or schedule a meeting with a partner to learn more about the program, contact Maureen Perkins, Disaster Program Manager for the American Red Cross, at (315) 234-2208 or maureen.perkins@redcross.org.

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