• FAQs
What is the 3DayOK resilience initiative?

3DayOK is a public awareness campaign that will educate all Onondaga County residents and businesses about the need to be self-reliant during the first three days of a large-scale disaster.

All we get is snow, so why do Onondaga County residents need to be prepared for a disaster?

In recent years, Central New York has been in the crosshairs of many severe weather events, including Superstorm Sandy in 2012, the Mohawk Valley floods in 2013, the Smithfield tornado and East Syracuse “microburst” storm in the summer of 2014, and the record-setting Western New York snowstorm in the fall of 2014. Residents also need to be prepared for man-made disasters such as chemical spills, nuclear accidents and pandemics.

How are you educating Onondaga County residents?

The 3DayOK Partnership, which includes several government agencies, businesses, and organizations that are active in disaster preparedness and response, will start educating residents through a 3DayOK public awareness campaign highlighted by a 3DayOK video contest.

What’s next?

County residents will learn about 3DayOK through television and radio public service announcements, events, and materials such as flyers and a coloring book. The materials will explain how to make a three-day survival kit, develop a plan for your family, and educate a neighbor.

Eventually, the 3DayOK initiative will be introduced in other counties as the American Red Cross plans to utilize it throughout Central New York.

What if there’s a major disaster in Onondaga County before everyone becomes 3DayOK?

The Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management and Health Department, the American Red Cross and the other members of the 3DayOK Partnership have long-existing plans in place to respond in case of an emergency. The goal of the 3DayOK initiative is to enhance those plans, make them more cost-efficient, and have all residents play a role in making our community safer by being better prepared.

Is this different than Gov. Cuomo’s preparedness program for New York State?

The programs both deliver the same message: Be self-sufficient until first responders are able to respond. The Red Cross will continue to offer free Citizen Preparedness Corps training sessions under Gov. Cuomo’s program along with other preparedness information. In addition, the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management will continue to educate the community through various citizen preparedness and communication initiatives.

How can residents/businesses/community organizations get involved?
Visit www.3dayok.org for more information about the program, the video contest and how you can become 3DayOk. To join the 3DayOK Partnership or to schedule a meeting with a partner to learn more about the program, contact Maureen Perkins, Disaster Program Manager for the American Red Cross, at (315) 234-2208 or maureen.perkins@redcross.org.