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3DayOK is reaching out to residents and communities by distributing educational materials through its partners, direct contact with homes and neighborhood associations, and group informational sessions. The materials include how you can create a three-day survival kit and develop a plan for your family to remain safe, and how citizens can educate other citizens and emphasize the importance of being prepared.

The 3DayOK materials are aimed to target a variety of ages and cultures. For example, a coloring and activity book in both English and Spanish is being distributed to children who meet with Onondaga County’s Department of Social Services, and to families throughout the county in the March 2015 edition of Family Times magazine.

Thank you to our friends at Eric Mower + Associates for creating the 3DayOK brand by developing these promotional materials. To learn more about Eric Mower + Associates, click here.

Onondaga County Disaster Recovery Resource Guide

Dear Friends,

Here in Central New York, we are not impervious to the dangers of natural disasters and their impact on the community. At National Grid we know our customers depend on us, which is why we are consistently working hard to improve preparedness in every community we serve while also enhancing our outreach to community leaders, municipalities, local, state, federal agencies, and individual customers.

In addition, customer preparedness is critical to National Grid’s response and restoration efforts, and helps our crews make considerable strides in getting the lights back on quickly and safely. The company recently launched an extensive campaign using multiple communication channels to advise customers on what they can do to be better prepared for emergency situations and possible power interruptions.

At National Grid we are committed to continue to improve emergency preparedness plans and reminding customers to plan for emergencies in advance so they know what is needed to take care of themselves and their families, and to help others in the community.

Thanks to a partnership with the American Red Cross, National Grid is proud to launch a first-ever Onondaga County Disaster Recovery Resource guide to provide residents with helpful information on agency support and emergency contacts as well as disaster recovery resources. The Onondaga County Disaster Recovery Resource guide is designed with you and your family in mind and to provide access to critical resources for a better outcome in a disaster event.

We all can do our part to be better prepared for any kind of emergency situation. Taking action now, before disaster strikes, will help customers safely and effectively manage crises that can upset their daily routines.

Remember the four C’s: Through Cooperation we are a stronger community. Through Communication we hear one another more clearly. Through Coordination we will face any adversity. Through Collaboration we will prevail!


Melanie Littlejohn, National Grid Regional Executive, Central New York Division

Rosie Taravella, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross Western & Central New York Region

Read the Onondaga County Disaster Recovery Resource Guide