Programs & Services

Two Red Cross responders unloading an emergency response vehicle

Disaster Services

The American Red Cross of Western and Central New York provides 24-hour emergency assistance to people affected by fires, floods and other disasters. When a disaster occurs, Red Cross volunteers are on the scene immediately, providing a place to sleep, warm meals, clothing and counseling. Red Cross disaster relief services focus on meeting the immediate emergency needs of those affected and offering the support, information and resources necessary to help them recover from disaster.

Orange County - Group Training CPR

Health and Safety Services

The Red Cross has been the go-to source for more than a century for information, skills and confidence to act in an emergency, at home, in school and in the workplace.

Military service woman with her family

Services to the Armed Forces

The Red Cross maintains an unwavering commitment to members of the U.S. military, its veterans and their families more than a century after Clara Barton first recruited nurses to support the U.S. Army. Today, we are meeting the needs of a changing military and expanding our services for local veterans and military families.

Elderly family members reunited thanks to Red Cross holocaust tracing services

International Services

As part of the world’s largest humanitarian network, the American Red Cross helps people around the world to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life-threatening health conditions. This includes emergency communication and tracing services, which reconnect families separated by armed conflict and disasters, as well as support of global campaigns to eradicate measles and malaria. The Red Cross also educates the public about international humanitarian law through community courses and a special educator training and professional development program.

Blood Donations

Blood Services

The American Red Cross is one of the largest providers of blood products to hospitals in New York State. The Red Cross collects blood nearly every day of the year through voluntary donations in the Western and Central New York area. Accident victims, premature babies, people undergoing cancer treatment, organ recipients, and many others rely on the generosity of blood donors to ensure that blood is available when it's needed.

meals on wheels truck in front of princeton red cross

Rochester Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a therapeutic diet service designed to distribute nutritional meals to seniors, especially those convalescing, who are unable to secure meals for themselves.

Teen wearing Red Cross t-shirt comforting two children

Youth and Young Adult Programs

Youth and young adults learn the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy through exposure to the mission and the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross. We welcome young people to join the Red Cross and, hopefully, spark a lifelong commitment to serving our community.