Disaster Services

  • Firelands Red Cross, Disaster Services

To Get Help: Contact your Local Chapter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Red Cross Disaster Services provides relief to people who have experienced natural and certain man-made disasters. This unit is prepared at all times to provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care to disaster victims. All assistance is free; disaster victims are not expected to pay the Red Cross for any services provided to them.

Most local disaster assistance is provided to victims of house fires through our Disaster Action Team (DAT). Other types of local disaster situations include:

  • Snowstorms, ice storms and power failures
  • Minor creek flooding and flooding of low lying areas around Lake Erie
  • Major explosions and chemical leaks
  • Train derailments
Assistance to disaster victims is provided through:

  • Funding for food, clothing, and household goods after house fires
  • Sheltering and mass care services after larger disasters
  • Health and Mental Health services
  • Referrals to assist in long-term recovery planning