2017 Real Heroes Breakfast Award Winners

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2017 Real Heroes Breakfast Award Winners

Adult Good Samaritan

Dan DeGouff, Kip Northrup and Tyler Zinsmeyer

They rescued a man from an overturned vehicle on the Oswego River.

Youth Good Samaritan

John Exner

While eating at a local diner, he performed the Heimlich Maneuver on an elderly women who was choking.

Animal Rescue

Paulene Eggers and dog Braylee

Eggers, of Liverpool, drove Braylee to Tompkins County to help locate a missing dog.

Blood Donor

Bikash and Kumari Regmi

They’ve hosted several blood drives in collaboration with the Bhutanese refugee community.


Bobby DeLee

A school bus driver, he safely evacuated passengers as the bus was rapidly filling with smoke.

Fire Rescue

Earlville Volunteer Fire Department and Hamilton Fire Department

First responders from both departments rescued a driver who was trapped inside a vehicle that was dangling over rushing water.

Good Neighbor

Dave Weaver

He ran into a burning home to save a neighbor and her dog.

Law Enforcement

Anibal Pizarro

While off-duty as an Onondaga County corrections officer, he is credited with saving the life of a newborn at a local department store.


Adam McCracken

A Cortland County 911 Dispatcher, he instructed a caller on how to administer CPR on a patient who wasn’t breathing.


Erica Segar-Donadio

A home care nurse, she administered first aid on a patient who was experiencing a significant and unexpected health issue.


Roberto Alvarez

A VA employee and U.S. Army Veteran, he is dedicated to reducing homelessness among Veterans.

Workplace Safety

11 Employees at James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant

They saved the life of a contract worker who had collapsed at the plant.