Disaster Services

Red Cross volunteers are the first to the scene of a disaster and provide immediate relief assistance such as shelter, food and clothing to people displaced as a result of a disaster, as well as follow-up services in the wake of a disaster.

There are many areas of service within the Red Cross Disaster Response service area, each an invaluable asset in time of disaster or emergency. During your volunteer orientation, you will receive information about what is required for training and the needed level of commitment for the Disaster Response Team. Each team within Disaster Response requires different levels of training and availability. Be sure to consider your time constraints when selecting a Disaster Response area to pursue.

    Disaster Service Teams Include:

  • Disaster Action Team Members (DAT) - Provide timely response to disasters and assist those affected. DATs respond to local house fires on a regular basis, but after an adequate amount of training can also be deployed to larger disasters in another part of the state or country.
  • Disaster Services Larger Scale Responder – Unable to give a lot of time in your normal schedule? Still want to become a disaster responder? That is definitely possible! Become a Disaster Services Responder specifically for large-scale disasters and work in a designated area. From sheltering to feeding, to creating community partnerships, there are many opportunities to help in the department that are outside of local disaster response.
  • Health and Mental Health Services Volunteers – If you are a licensed Health or Mental Health Professional, you can assist us in this area. Volunteer to help clients who have gone through a disaster by providing your expertise.
  • Client Casework Volunteers - General Casework for Emergency Services and Disaster Services. Entering cases into database and working with clients on their long-term recovery.
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