International Services

The American Red Cross has worked with the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network for 130 years. Within that time, we have tried to meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people. The American Red Cross has provided international assistance to 73 countries and has assisted to vaccinate 1.1 billion children against measles and rubella.

In 2013 alone 100 million people were helped through disaster response, community-based programs or measles vaccination campaigns.

Volunteers of American Red Cross assist with programs including International Humanitarian Law, the Measles and Rubella Initiative, Reconnecting Families, and Responding to Disasters Overseas. Opportunities vary by area and degree of need.

Here are some examples of our local areas of assistance:

    Restoring Family Links Caseworker:

  • Provide Restoring Family Links casework services to clients in their community.
  • Interpret the Restoring Family Links program direction, guidance, criteria and procedures for clients, community groups and agencies clearly, concisely and effectively.
  • Establish contacts with cultural and ethnic groups and other agencies in the chapter community to meet the needs of the local populations, especially new arrivals in the U.S.

    Regional Outreach Volunteer:

  • Support American Red Cross humanitarian mission.
  • Participate in community events.
  • Liaison with community partners.
  • Educate the public regarding International Humanitarian Law.
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