What's Your Red Cross Story?

Central New York - What's Your Red Cross Story?
If the Red Cross has made an impact on your life, and you would like to inspire others by sharing your experience, please tell us your story.

Judy Pickering

Central New York - What's Your Red Cross Story - Judy Pickering

I am writing on behalf of my wife Judy Pickering who worked for the American Red Cross from approximately 1991 to 2001. Employed in the American Red Cross Workplace Program she taught thousands of people the skills of CPR and First Aide training. I am certain people have been saved because of the excellence of her work and her dedication to the Red Cross. I can still recall the times she headed downtown to pick up mannequins and supplies for the class she was teaching the next day.

She loved teaching people the skills necessary to be effective in emergency situations. Even though Judy needed a leave due to a diagnosis of Breast Cancer she returned to her teaching position until her retirement in 2001. Sadly she succumbed to this disease in March of this year. I am sure however her contributions have made a difference in people's lives and to the American Red Cross.

I started donating blood during Judy's illness, to give back the fluid of life that so many cancer patients desperately need in order to fight this disease. I also know that my blood type (A Negative) gave me extra incentive to help those with less common blood types. This is why I began donating blood in August of 2004. Even though I was a late starter donating my first pint of blood at age 60, I feel it is never too late to start. To this date I have donated twenty-eight pints of blood which I am certain has helped others. I therefore encourage people who are able to donate blood to do so as soon as they can or to help the Red Cross in any way they able to.

On behalf of Judy and myself -- Thank-you American Red Cross for all the services you provide for people.


Edward C. Pickering