Volunteer FAQ

How do I start the process of becoming a volunteer?

Please go to our volunteer page to fill out volunteer application. Later, you will be required to complete a background check. Volunteers must pass the background check prior to orientation. Third, call (607) 785-7207 or email us.

What is the time commitment required to volunteer?

Time commitments vary according to the area in which you choose to volunteer. Please go to our volunteer page for more information.

Can I volunteer for disaster relief operations nationally?

Yes, although you must have significant experience with disaster response as a local Red Cross volunteer. To acquire that experience, you must register, train and serve with your local chapter. There is no better time than now to start, so call 607-785-7207 or email us.

Can I volunteer for disaster relief operations outside of the United States?

Typically, there are only a very few volunteers deployed internationally and they are specially trained to manage international emergency operations. Please consider supporting our community’s local needs by volunteering with the American Red Cross of Western and Central New York.

What is covered in new volunteer orientation?

Basic information about the American Red Cross of Central New York, current volunteer opportunities, our application and on-boarding process and what you can expect as a volunteer. The online session takes 70 minutes.

How do I choose which volunteer opportunity is right for me?

Please go to our volunteer page to determine the requirements of each position. You can also discuss your interests with the Volunteer Director.

How do I contact my local Red Cross office?

Please click here: local office contact page.