IHL Action Campaign

IHL Action Campaign

Central New York - IHL Campaign

The American Red Cross IHL Action Campaign is a new program designed to educate youth and young adults about International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the body of law that places basic limits on how war is waged. IHL aims to protect human dignity during times of armed conflict, and to prevent or reduce the suffering and destruction caused by war. Educating the public about International Humanitarian Law is a key responsibility of the American Red Cross as defined by its Congressional Charter and by the Geneva Conventions.

The IHL Action Campaign is a hands-on, interactive program that teaches youth that “Even Wars Have Limits.” Through the use of simulations, discussion and the design and implementation of a youth-led Action Campaign, young people are exposed to IHL values and principles and are then empowered to teach others in the community about the importance of respecting IHL. The program aims to support their development as problem solvers and compassionate global citizens who are able to grapple with ethical dilemmas and global issues.

Watch the following YouTube Video produced at the first annual National IHL Youth Symposium in Washington, D.C., to learn more about the program.

For more information, contact Julie Mucilli at Julie.Mucilli@redcross.org or (315) 234-2217.

    Our national survey showed that...

  • Almost half of youth have never even heard of the Geneva Conventions or International Humanitarian Law.
  • 59% believe there are times when it is acceptable to torture the enemy.
  • 41% believe there are times when it is acceptable for the enemy to torture captured American prisoners.
  • 56% believe there are times when it is acceptable to kill enemy prisoners in retaliation, if the enemy has been killing American prisoners.


Questions? Contact Julie Mucilli, Volunteer Specialist for the Central New York Chapter, at Julie.Mucilli@redcross.org or (315) 234-2217.

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