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Home Fire Campaign

  • Did You Know?

    Children under five are almost one and a half times as likely to die in a home fire when compared to all other youth.
    Home Fire Campaign
  • Did You Know?

    Families have as little as two minutes to safely escape a burning home.
    Home Fire Campaign
  • Did You Know?

    A working smoke alarm can double a person’s chances of surviving a home fire.

    Home Fire Campaign

You and your family can prevent and prepare for a home fire with two simple steps:

Step 1
Practice fire drills at home.

Use this Home Fire Escape Plan worksheet to plan your evacuation and practice it at least twice a year as a family.

Step 2
Test your smoke alarms monthly.

Make sure you and your family are alerted as soon as a fire is detected. If the smoke alarm isn’t working, change the batteries.

The Red Cross Responds to a Home Fire or Other Disaster Every 8 Minutes

That is why we launched the Home Fire Campaign, which aims to reduce the number of fire-related deaths and injuries by 25 percent by 2020. To date in the Ohio Region we have:
Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats 6

Conducted 1,115 in-home visits in our region

Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats

Installed more than 2,129 smoke alarms

Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats 5

Replaced 417 smoke alarm batteries

Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats 4

Reached 3,215 youth with preparedness information

Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats 2

Created 868 evacuation plans

Red Cross Home Fire Campaign - Stats 3

Prepared nearly 3,100 individuals

Local Story

ohio local story

By the time the residents of the Gary Malone Trailer Park in South Point, Ohio, saw the smoke and flames pouring out of Ashley Mays’ mobile home, there was little they could do. They called 9-1-1, grabbed some water hoses and tried kicking in the home’s door in an effort to rescue Mays and her three children, 5-year-old Elijah and 1-year-old twins Anthony and Preston. Their efforts, though, were negated by the intensity of the flames. By the time the fire department arrived a few minutes later, the mobile home was fully engulfed, and the 24-year-old mother and her three children were dead.

The tragedy drew a lot of media attention and sparked an emotional response from others in the region who feared the same thing could happen to their home. The preliminary investigation found the mobile home did not have smoke alarms, so Red Cross disaster workers—in addition to providing support to Mays’ family and the first responders who fought the fire—worked to alleviate the fears by returning to the trailer park and installing smoke alarms in all of the remaining mobile homes. They then went to two other trailer parks in the area, installing 50 smoke alarms in two days.

The tragedy is that four people died, but the attention their deaths created and subsequent installation of 50 smoke alarms in the homes of their neighbors may just result in someone else escaping a fire. This is why the Red Cross created and is so committed to the Home Fire Campaign. Smoke alarms increase the chance of survival by 50 percent, and everyone deserves that chance.

Upcoming Installation Events

south dakota

Volunteer and help save lives!

Home fires are the greatest disaster threat to American families. Each year the American Red Cross responds to more than 900 homes fires in this region. That’s almost three home fires per day. While these kinds of disasters don’t garner as much attention as large-scale disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes, they’re equally as devastating to those involved.

And just as tragic. Each day seven people die as a result of home fires, and another 36 people are injured.

We at the Red Cross find this unacceptable. That’s why we’re committed to reducing the number of deaths and injuries in home fires by 25 percent over the next five years. To do this, we’re installing 5,000 free smoke alarms in homes around the region each year for the next five years. That’s a lot. But it’s worth it. A working smoke alarm reduces the chance of death in a fire by 50 percent.

We can’t do it without your help. Check out our list of upcoming events.

Sign up for a free smoke alarm here.

1. The Red Cross and its partners will install a limited number of free smoke alarms for those who cannot afford to purchase smoke alarms or for those who are physically unable to install a smoke alarm.

2. The Red Cross installs a limited number of specialized bedside alarms for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

3. A number of organizations are partnering with the Red Cross to accomplish the goals of our Home Fire Campaign. Depending on where you live and other factors, it is possible that we will forward your request to one of our partner organizations so they can contact you to set up an appointment.

4. The Dayton Region provides installation services in the Datyon Area only. If you live outside of this area and would like to identify your local region office, please visit (or call 1-800-REDCROSS).

5. If you are able to purchase and install your own smoke alarm, but would like information on home fire safety and smoke alarm installation, please visit

A gift of any size supports all of the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross. For more information visit