Disaster Presentations

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The Red Cross will come to you and your group to give a free preparedness presentation tailored specifically for your needs. We also offer a variety of presentations geared especially for our community’s youth.

Topics include fire safety, general preparedness, preparing for a pandemic flu and more.

Bilingual speakers are available and thanks to the generosity of individuals, companies and foundations, all community disaster education is free of charge.

Free Adult Presentations

Be Red Cross Ready

The trick to recovering from any kind of disaster is to plan for it in advance. Be Red Cross Ready preparedness presentations are available in a variety of topics, targeted to general or specific audiences, and can be held in many different settings. Topics can include :

  • Preparing your family for any emergency
  • Preventing fires at home or work
  • Creating and maintaining a Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Preparing for severe weather
  • Free Programs for School-Agers

    Washing Hands (for grades pre-K – 3)

    Children learn how germs are shared, how to prevent the spread of disease, and how to properly wash their own hands. The message is: "Don't get sick. Wash up quick!"

    Be Red Cross Ready Puppet Show (for grades K -5)

    Through an engaging puppet show, children learn about safe behaviors and being prepared for emergencies. The message is: “Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.”

    Hazard House (for grades K – 5)

    This hands-on activity allows students to walk through a doorway into an area full of potential hazards. They learn to identify them and answer questions about how to correct them. (This activity is best suited to larger events with other interactive elements.)

    Masters of Disaster

    This nationally-developed curriculum teaches children about emergencies and disasters through core academic subjects, including math, science, language arts and social studies.

    Elementary program (for grades K-5)

    Teachers are provided with detailed lesson plans, demonstrations and activities that meet required standards for all students. Activities like making a disaster supplies kit, recognizing fire hazards or making an escape plan may be added as an interactive element.

    Middle school and High school program (for grades 6 – 12)

    Students choose answers from a “Jeopardy”- style game board, and win points for correct answers on preparedness topics.

    All presentations can be tailored to any school age group and any size gathering.

    Games and presentations can also be geared toward specific emergency preparedness topics.