Our Supporters

You Make a Difference. We are here because of you.

Your compassion and generosity have allowed the American Red Cross to reach out to families around the world, around the nation and in our own community with food, shelter and comfort during a desperate time in their lives.

Your gift also assists our more than 2,000 local volunteers as they train citizens in life-saving skills such as CPR and First Aid, transport seniors and disabled persons to critical medical appointments, help military families communicate in times of crisis, teach preparedness classes, or help provide temporary shelter for flood or fire victims.

Whatever the amount, your generous donation is important to us and appreciated.

The Legacy Society

Members of The Legacy Society have shown personal compassion and set an example for others by remembering the American Red Cross in their will, trust or other planned gift. The Red Cross has been a part of our community for generations – because each generation has looked to ensure the future by supporting the Red Cross. These Legacy Society members have demonstrated their commitment to the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross and helped to ensure the long-term strength of the organization. We thank and recognize the following Legacy Society members as active partners in the work of the American Red Cross.

The Tiffany Circle

The American Red Cross Tiffany Circle is a nationwide society of women leaders and philanthropists who want to change lives, save lives and strengthen their local community through a focused investment of time, talent and treasure. Tiffany Circle members follow in a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross provide relief to victims of disaster and prevent, prepare for and respond to life’s emergencies. We recognize and thank our Columbus Tiffany Circle Founding Members for their generosity.

Tiffany Circle Founding Members

  • Ms. Sheri S. Tackett, Chair
  • Ms. Tara Marling Abraham
  • Ms. Sally W. Bloomfield
  • Mrs. Elizabeth M. Custer
  • Ms. Johanna S. DeStefano
  • Ms. Suzanne Williams Edwards
  • Ms. Cindi Englefield - in honor of Janet Barton Englefield
  • Ms. Kathryn H. Flynn
  • Ms. Sally A. Hughes
  • Ms. Karen Kennedy
  • Ms. Pei-Chen Jane Lee
  • Ms. Mary Navarro
  • Ms. Jean A. Patrick
  • Ms. Julia S. Phelps
  • Ms. Lois E. Robison
  • Ms. Jane Schneider - in memory of Antonio Vertuca
  • Mrs. Jacqueline D. Thompson
  • Ms. Kara J. Trott
  • Jane Mykrantz - in memory of Elizabeth Shedd Mykrantz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kirt A. Walker
  • The Clara Barton Society

    No name better symbolizes the spirit of caring and of active volunteerism than Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross. Her determination and leadership brought the fledgling International Red Cross Movement to America, with its dedication to easing human suffering and its reliance on voluntary support. The Clara Barton Society is comprised of those who share her caring and commitment through their generous annual support of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus totaling $1,000 or more. Our thanks to the following donors, and those who chose to be anonymous, for making the work of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus possible.

    The Honor Society

    The Honor Society recognizes total annual giving in support of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus. Members of the Honor Society are acknowledged for their desire to turn compassion into action - demonstrating great concern for those in need. The following generous Honor Society members have helped to sustain the lifesaving work of the Red Cross through their personal financial support.