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Checkout our library of videos – these short clips will help keep you and your family safe! Our video library is packed full of various preparedness topics for many different types of emergencies. Watch the videos with your family, share them on social media, or stream them for your business or organization before your next meeting begins!

American Red Cross

Mobile Apps

The American Red Cross is dedicated to putting preparedness right in your hands, no matter where you are! We have over a dozen mobile apps available for iOS or Android phones that cover a wide range of topics including Flood Safety, Hurricane Safety, Tornado Safety, First Aid and more. These apps come with ‘tool kits’ with flashlights, sirens, and alarms that will be valuable when a disaster strikes. They include video, interactive quizzes, ways to store important personal information, and a special ‘I’m Safe’ button that will alert your social networks that you are okay immediately after a disaster. Several apps are available in Spanish!