About Us

The Greater Cincinnati/Ohio River Valley Chapter serves 18 counties in in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. It is part of the larger 27-county Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region.
Our Mission

As reflected in the Red Cross mission, the Greater Cincinnati-Ohio River Valley Chapter seeks to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to natural and other disasters through the immediate mobilization of people and resources and the provision of community, workplace and school-based training.

Beyond disaster relief, the Chapter delivers community disaster education, first aid/CPR, babysitting training, emergency communications for every person serving in the United States Military, and other types of lifesaving training to thousands of people. That chapter also welcomes hundreds of new citizens through annual naturalization ceremonies.

We are here for our community whether it’s down the street, across the country or around the world.

Our Services
  • Disaster Relief | When disaster strikes, American Red Cross workers are among the first on the scene, providing food, shelter, supplies and hope. Red Cross nurses administer health care and licensed mental health practitioners provide emotional support. Red Cross workers also provide referrals to aid in disaster recovery.
  • Disaster Preparedness | American Red Cross provides ongoing disaster services classes for volunteers and now offers free apps, including hurricane, first aid, tornado, wildfire, and earthquake, each featuring preparedness and sheltering information.
  • Preparedness, Health and Safety Services | As one of the region’s largest educational providers, the American Red Cross trains residents in lifesaving skills through multi-language online, community and workplace courses.
  • Service to the Armed Forces | Through our global communications network, the American Red Cross provides emergency communications and other services, including counseling and financial assistance, to support military families.
  • International Services | As part of the world’s largest humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross helps provide immediate relief and supports community recovery following international disasters. The Red Cross also educates the public about International Humanitarian Law.
Our Efforts
Each year we:
  • Respond to more than 900 local disasters including home fires.
  • Provide more than 6,400 emergency services for military members and their families.
  • Mobilize some 4,000 volunteers.
  • Train more than 63,000 individuals in preparedness health and safety courses.
  • Provide more than 125,000 people programs in education and preparedness.
Our Commitment to Diversity
The Greater Cincinnati/Ohio River Valley Chapter is committed to being open to all people, as expressed in our Diversity Vision Statement.

In the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region, our clients, volunteers, employees, donors and suppliers will represent different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientation, gender, physical abilities, family responsibilities, beliefs and philosophies helping us embrace the rich diversity needed to make the Red Cross relevant, respected and successful.

Our vision is to continue to cultivate a culturally competent and inclusive American Red Cross where:
  • The make-up of our volunteers, employees and donors reflects the clients and communities we serve;
  • We purchase from and partner with minority and women owned businesses in proportion to the community’s makeup; and
  • Our products and services are delivered in a culturally sensitive and inclusive manner.
Our Partners
The Greater Cincinnati/Ohio River Valley Chapter has a longstanding and highly valued relationship with the United Way. Through their generosity and commitment, we are able to provide our services and impact the lives of thousands of people each year. The United Way and American Red Cross are symbols known for commitment and quality in the care of community and this long standing tradition is appreciated.
Our History

In 1905, William Howard Taft, then Secretary of War under President Theodore Roosevelt, appealed to community leaders in his hometown of Cincinnati to organize an American Red Cross Chapter. In 1910, the local Red Cross began to take on new functions, opening its first classes in home care of the sick, first aid, elementary hygiene and dietetics.

In 1938 the Chapter established a blood donor service for servicemen with Dr. Paul I. Hoxworth as head of operations. Following World War II, the Blood Donor Center was closed. During its years of operation, the Center collected 335,000 pints of blood from 85,000 people. Currently, with the increase in for-profit blood banks, only a few counties in the Ohio River Valley continue to offer Red Cross blood services.

In 1956 the Red Cross Chapters in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties in Kentucky merged with the Hamilton and Clermont County Chapters in Ohio to form the Cincinnati-Area Chapter. This was the first merger of Red Cross chapters across state lines. In 1982, the Brown County Chapter merged with the Cincinnati-Area Chapter and in 1983 the American Red Cross National Headquarters designated the Cincinnati-Area Chapter as a Key Resource Chapter with responsibility for providing administrative support to 14 other smaller chapters in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

The Chapter continued to grow, blending with nine other chapters in Greater Dayton and the Northern Miami Valley to form a 37-county region. In 2014, as part of a national reorganization, 10 of those counties were consolidated with other chapters. Today, the Greater Cincinnati/Ohio River Valley Chapter includes 18 counties in Southeast Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio. Along with the Dayton-Area Chapter and the Northern Miami Valley Ohio Chapter, it makes up the 27-county Greater Cincinnati-Dayton region.