Disaster Operations Center

Building Readiness: Fast Facts about new Headquarters/Disaster Operations Center

A Disaster Operations Center (DOC) serves as the nerve center and central communication hub for regional Red Cross disaster services. It is the place that:
  • Enables highly trained Red Cross staff to provide oversight of area relief operations
  • Coordinates disaster workers in the field with the DOC
  • Coordinates actions with local police and fire, as well as state and federal agencies
In a moment’s notice, the Cincinnati Chapter of the Red Cross can be called upon to tackle a disaster. Our DOC is equipped to immediately undergo dozens of critical tasks, including:

  • Immediate damage assessment of all affected areas
  • Establishing on-site Red cross command posts in disaster areas
  • Open shelters
  • Establish service centers
  • Communicate with area hospitals, healthcare emergency workers and mental health agencies
  • Organize warehouse and supply stations
  • Collaborate with churches and Ready When the Time Comes partners
  • Conferring with local and state Emergency Management Agencies, Homeland Security and other federal agencies.
The Disaster Operations Center offers the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region to operate at a high level during emergency. There are satellite feeds that are capable of receiving information from Artimis and show in real time what is happening in the disaster-stricken areas. This information helps to shorten our time of response and increase or efficiency, reduce redundancies and ensure optimal use of people and resources.

The wireless technology gives us the ability to immediately set up additional computers and streamline and hasten our ability to deliver services. The DOC has the ability to facilitate discussions and ease our ability to coordinate operations with first responders, government and our National Red Cross Headquarters.