Diversity and Inclusion

The Greater Cincinnati/Ohio River Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross is committed to advancing the National Red Cross diversity strategy, with the goal of making the Red Cross an organization that includes and engages all parts of our communities.

Locally, this focus includes the cultural competency and training for staff and volunteers, as well as a commitment to minority spending. Through a supplier diversity program, the Chapter continually strives to increase the amount of money spent with minority suppliers both in the region as well as with the National Red Cross. In 2014, the Chapter spent $24,000 of its discretionary dollars with minority suppliers.

The Chapter is also actively engaged with partner organizations to help reach new populations with services involving them as volunteers and supporters. We continue to develop relationships with new partner organizations for volunteers and service delivery, such as Su Casa, Santa Maria Community Services, the Islamic Center and Tzu Chi.

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Locally, the Red Cross’s commitment to diversity includes an active Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Board, whose purpose is to advance the National Red Cross diversity strategy with the goal of making the Red Cross an organization that includes and engages all parts of our communities. Its targeted goals for 2015 can be broken down into three parts:

  • Supplier Diversity
    The primary goal in this area is for the Chapter to increase its annual spending with minority suppliers. This comes after exceeding the proposed goal in 2014 by 15 percent. One way this goal is to be achieved is be working with the National Red Cross Supplier Diversity Manager to conduct a Supplier Diversity Workshop to familiarize vendors and potential vendors about doing business with the Red Cross.
  • Diverse Partnerships and Community Outreach
    The primary goal in this area is to expand the Red Cross services to new populations. Specifically, the aim is to increase the Chapter’s Hispanic outreach, particularly by continuing to develop relationships with Su Casa and Santa Maria Community Services, serving both adults and youth. Also, the Chapter seeks to strive to continue to improve the diversity in the annual Youth Leadership Development Camp, and expand its education on the needs of the region’s growing refugee populations.
  • Workforce Diversity
    The primary goal in this area is to insure that volunteer and paid staff have the knowledge and skills to work with a diverse population. In the past year, the Chapter engaged more than 40 staff members in experiential learning at the West Chester Mosque and at the Center for Humanity and Holocaust Education, and trained more than 60 disaster volunteers in understanding the local diverse population. The Chapter is also seeking to expand and customize training for the Disaster Action Teams throughout the region to match the needs of the local populations; to insure Board diversity for all chapters in the Region so they reflect community demographics; and to support the National Red Cross goal of developing, supporting and attaining an inclusive work culture that includes a climate in which diverse perspectives are valued as measured by CAPSS surveys.

Members of the committee include leaders in all aspects of diversity and inclusion in the Cincinnati area.

Ralph Lee, Chairman
Vice President of Human Resources

Kristi Clement-Williams
Director, Diversity and Inclusion and EEO Compliance
Cintas Corp.

Raquel Diaz
Director, GBS Employment Services, Compensation and Benefits
Procter & Gamble Co.

Jason Dunn
Director, Multicultural Affairs and Community Development
Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau

Gail King Gibson
Attorney at law

Chris Kelsen
Disaster Volunteer

Sunil Matthew
Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management
Fifth Third Bank

Paula McIntosh
Community Leader and Volunteer

Cheryl Nunez
Diversity Consultant

Dannyn Peterson
Disaster Volunteer

Deborah Robb
Director of Community Revitalization and Inclusion
Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority