Disaster Services

People turn to the Red Cross in their darkest hour—immediately after a disaster. Each year the Red Cross responds to more than 900 disasters in the region and helps more than 1,200 families. While the floods and tornados that hit the region get the most attention, more than 90 percent of those disaster are home fires—disaster that affect only a handful of people at a time, but disasters to those people nonetheless.

The Red Cross is there after those emergencies and disasters to provide the people with the support and resources they need—food, clothing, shelter—to recover and resume their normal daily activities. We also work closely with numerous partner agencies to assist individuals with the acquisition of other materials that we don’t offer, such as furniture and transportation.

The resources and assistance provided are determined on a case-by-case basis to better match the specific needs and to ensure accountability with you, our donors and the American public.

All Red Cross disaster assistance and services are free, provided through generous donations made by the American people, and made without regard to citizenship, race, religion, age, culture or creed. American Red Cross assistance is not entitlement and is not intended to replace all disaster-caused losses, replace or reimburse wages or duplicate government and personal resources or community assistance and services.

For Non-Disaster Related Needs
Sponsored by United Way, 2-1-1 is a special three-digit phone number connecting those in need in our communities with those agencies and organizations that can assist them. It is not for life-threatening emergencies, it is a service providing information and referral to local services. Now, instead of making multiple phone calls to try and find help, you can simply pick up your phone and dial 2-1-1 to find assistance.