Queen City Emergency Network Ham Radio

In widespread emergencies, regular channels of communication often become overloaded. As a result, the Queen City Emergency Network (QCEN) mobilizes its team of Ham Radio operators to provide emergency communications for the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Red Cross. In addition to a dedicated station inside the Cincinnati Red Cross headquarters building, QCEN uses mobiles, handhelds, base stations and data transmission to assist the Red Cross.

Typical work for QCEN includes providing communications links from emergency shelters to the Disaster Operations Center; passing emergency traffic to and from officials; setting up data terminals at hospitals to help track victims; and trying to locate and communicate with people in affected areas for relatives and friends who are concerned.

Some of the recent Red Cross disaster responses QCEN mobilized for include:
  • “Ike in Cincinnati," September 2008
  • Flash flooding, March 2008
  • Flash flooding, January 2005
  • Flash flooding, January 2004
  • Urban flash flooding, July 2001
  • Tornado, April1999
  • Catastrophic flooding, March 1997