International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign

Cincinnati Red Cross, International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign Graphic

What is International Humanitarian Law?

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is the body of law that places basic limits on how war is waged. It aims to protect human dignity during times of armed conflict and prevent or reduce the suffering and destruction that result from war. The Geneva Conventions are the core of International Humanitarian Law.

Through the IHL Action Campaign, young people learn that war is much more complicated than a video game and that even war has limits. They also develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills by working collaboratively to implement their IHL Action Campaign.

How can you help?

IHL team leaders (18-25 years old) support groups of other young people (team members, 13-17 years old) to learn about IHL and then to design and present a youth-led campaign aimed at raising awareness of an IHL topic. Recent topics selected for the campaigns are child soldiers and international justice.

Visit and see some examples of IHL Action Campaigns: flash mobs, theater performances, community and school surveys, media projects and simulations.

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