Adult Opportunities

Volunteer with child

Community Outreach Volunteer Advocates

Community Outreach Advocate represent the Red Cross at community events, focusing in minorities and low income families.

For more information about the position and to set up an interview, please contact Tammy Simendinger at

DSHR (Disaster Service Human Resource) for large national disasters

The DSHR system is utilized to recruit trained Red Cross Disaster Volunteers for specific volunteer jobs in large national disasters such as hurricanes or floods. DSHR assignments typically require 3 consecutive weeks of availability to volunteer at the disaster location and volunteers must be ready to leave on 48 hours notice after indicating they are available for assignment.

Disaster Action Team Member

When a local disaster occurs such as a fire or tornado, Disaster Action Team volunteers are the first Red Cross presence at the scene. Team members are trained to help families at the scene to disaster clients with their immediate disaster caused needs, and also to support the emergency workers with canteen service. If considering a Disaster Team volunteer position, please keep in mind that when DAT volunteers are on call (on call times are negotiated when you start with the team), they are expected to respond within minutes of being dispatched by the Red Cross since disasters may happen at any hour.

Local Mass Care Volunteer

Mass Care volunteers are responsible for feeding and sheltering activities in large local disasters or in longer duration local disasters. While disasters in Cincinnati requiring feeding and sheltering are less common, there is always a need for a trained base of Community Services/Mass Care volunteers to be ready in the event of a large disaster.

Disaster Health Services (DHS)

The mission of a Health Services disaster volunteer is to provide health-related services and to secure resources to meet the health needs of people affected by disaster.

Health Services personnel provide emergency and preventive health services to disaster victims and to Red Cross Disaster Services staff. It also cooperates in approved appropriate research designed to mitigate disaster-related illness, injury and death.

Disaster Mental Health Services Volunteers

These volunteers will provide for and respond to the psychological needs of people across the continuum of disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Medical Assistance Team

The mission of the Cincinnati Chapter’s Medical Assistance Team is to respond to a mass casualty incident when requested by local fire officials to augment the existing fire and EMS response.

Community Disaster Education (CDE) Presenter

Community Disaster Educations Presenters are trained Volunteers of the Red Cross, whose role is to educate the public about emergency and disaster preparedness. These presentations usually take place in schools, community events, and other public venues.