Youth Opportunities

Youth volunteers are a critical part of the Red Cross family of volunteers. You can start now to make an important contribution to the Red Cross mission, by working to educate others – adults, peers or children -- about actions they can take to be prepared for a disaster or by helping to raise funds to continue the work of the Red Cross in our local area, or around the world. You may choose to undertake a project on your own, or involve others in an existing organization or through forming a Red Cross Club at YOUR school. However you choose to serve, we’ll be there to equip you with the materials, training and support you’ll need to be successful and to make an impact for good.


Interested in doing community service? Do you have required service hours? The Cincinnati Region of the American Red Cross is the place to be! You might choose to participate in any of several Chapter-sponsored volunteer opportunities throughout the year, or to work on a project with your school organization, community youth group or a school-based Red Cross Club.


The American Red Cross Health and Safety Department offers many preparedness opportunities for youth. The Cincinnati Region of the American Red Cross offers courses to become a certified babysitter, lifeguard or swim instructor. There are also courses focused on CPR, first aid and disaster preparedness.


For more than 25 years, the Red Cross premier youth leadership program, Leadership Development Center (LDC), has provided the opportunity for youth to improve their leadership skills. This 4-day, 3-night summer conference is for youth ages 13 to 16, and entering grades 8 through 10.